Corporate training

What we do?

     Since 1985, the Language Institute of Thammasat University has been providing language programs for Social, Academic, Business and Corporate English purposes. We also provide English programs for corporate staff training and also offer a wide range of courses for all needs and abilities.


What courses do we offer?

     Our Corporate Training section can design and customize English programs to meet the language training needs of all companies and organizations. With experienced trainers from academic and business backgrounds, we have been successful in creating effective, cost-efficient courses for a large number of clients. Courses that we offer for language and corporate


training include


What is they process for each training courses?

  1. Initial meeting to discuss objectives and relevant details
  2. Proposal preparation and acceptance
  3. Pre-course assessment carried out on all candidates
  4. Results assessed and finalized
  5. Course designed, customized and approved
  6. Participants assigned into groups
  7. Course commences
  8. Mid-course evaluation
  9. Course adjustments made if necessary
  10. Final evaluation
  11. Course feedback
  12. Participant reports and certificates awarded


Who do we offer our courses to?

     Our corporate courses are aimed at organizations and companies in both the private and public sector which recognize that some employees require an improved knowledge of English in order to perform to their full potential.


How can our courses meet client’s needs?

     Our English language training courses are designed to improve an employee`s ability to perform in all four language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The courses are designed for the client`s needs and within the context of specific corporate needs.

     Courses can be taught either at the Language Institute (Taphrachan or Rangsit Campus) or on-site. Courses can be selected from our standard English training programs or they can be tailor-made to cater for the client’s specific requirements. Tailor-made courses can be structured either as intensive over 5 to 10 days, or they can be designed specifically according to the client`s requirements: duration, time, and venue.


How are our courses taught? And who teach them?

     We provide not only language lessons but also training that contributes to the understanding of cultures and business practices. Our teaching staff includes experienced native-speaker teachers from the U.S.A., the U.K., Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Instructors assign tasks, manage demands on time and regularly interact with participants. They are expert in a wide variety of courses and options for employees at all levels. Classroom activities include discussions, role-plays, games, etc.


Why are our courses worthwhile?

     As highly experienced language trainers ourselves, we are aware that people face tough challenges in the modern world of globalization. We believe it is our job to enable them to succeed by developing their language and communication skills and business skills. We incorporate business English and communication skills into our skill development courses. The content and approach of each program we customize will be based on a company or organization’s specific requirements. We understand that each workplace’s English language needs are unique and so we design programs to meet them effectively.